Transportation Ministry

Please Call (760) 494-4322    
ext. 2 
Please call 48 hours prior to service date
Please Leave a Message that includes:

Telephone # 
How Many in Your Party 
                                                                              City of Pick Up 
                                                                              Service Attending

    When is Transportation Available?
  • Transportation is available to the following services:

    Sunday          11:15am 
    Wednesday   7:00pm
    I Called Last Night But No One Came... Why?
  • Our Transportation Department works hard to make sure every request is met.
    But they need ample time to prepare for their routes. 

    YOU MUST give the tranportation department  AT LEAST 48 hour notice before any service that you would like to attend.

    This will allow them time to return your call, Figure the route, and estimate travel times

    I Rode on the Bus Last Week... But No One Came To Get Me This Week... Why?
  • There are a few reasons why you may not have been picked up
    • You did not call for transportation to this particular service
    • You did call call but the message left may have missed some information neccessary to confirm your pick up
    • The Transportation Agent for your route may be sick or had a personal emergency
    • The Vehicle may have unexpectedly broke down
    • We may have been understaffed and could not provide transportation at that particular time
    Why Do I Have To Call Every Week ?!
  • We DO NOT assume that any person(s) will be available for transport all the time! 

    WE KNOW that you intend to make every service everytime the doors open. 
    Sometimes unexpected things happen and we cannot always make it. 

    Here is the honest truth!
    Lots of people forget to tell us that they are sick, out of town, have to work, etc . 
    The Transportation agent would make the trip not knowing that the person(s) would not ba attending that day,
    and makes the trip to pick up. In this scenario
    • There is wasted time on the route 
    • Wasted gas for making the trip 
    • Additional vehicle wear and tear
    • Sometimes someone else may have been picked up in your place but wasn't afforded that opportunity
      becuse no one knew there would be space available for more passengers
    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CALL EACH WEEK to confirm you would like to be picked up,
    so that we may
    • Effeciently serve you, 
    • Effectively serve the church and,
    • Excellently serve God!

    I Was Not Able to Attend This Week. I Sent My Children for a Ride, but They Were Sent Back Home... Why?
  • In almost all cases it is because the child is under the age of 13

    Children under the age of thirteen (13) MUST be accompanied by an ADULT of age eifhteen (18) or older. 

    It is important drivers are able to stay focused on the task of driving safely 
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