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    Where Is Spirit Filled Family Church?
  • Spirit Filled Family Church is located in Hesperia, CA
    We are east of the 15 freeway
    Exit Main  Street 

    Our Address is
    9980 Hesperia Road
    Hesperia Ca, 92345
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    When Does Sprit Filled Family Church Meet?
  • Sunday Morning Worship Services are at
    9:00 AM
    11:15  AM
    1:30 PM

    Mid-week service held on
    Wednesday at
    7:00 PM

    But there are so many more opportunities to fellowship with the Family
    Please Check out our Calendar
    Or These Links
    Men's Ministry
    Women's Ministry
    Is There Transportaion Provided to Service?
  • Yes transportation is provided to the following services:
    Sunday Morning Worship 11:15 AM
    Wednesday Midweek Service 7:00 PM

    You may schedule a pick up by calling (760) 494-4322 Ext 2
    Please make your request in advance Monday thru Friday.
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    Are There Any Programs for My Children?
  • There are programs and services for ALL of your children ages 0 - 17. The whole Family is welcome.
    We have incredible people who dedicate themselves to teaching our childen the Word of God through music, crafts, games, and of course the Word! Your baby, child, or teen will be sure to enjoy themselves and learn in a safe and loving environment.

    Ask a greeter next time you stop through and they will be happy to help you!
    Check out these links
    Childrens Ministry
    Youth Ministry
    What are the Services Like?
  • Wow! you really have to be there to know!
    We try to strive to be a church that is relevant to todays generation, as well as reach newer generations. You can expect a blend of contemporary and traditional music. You will hear a message that applies to your life. And there will always be an opportunity for you, your family, and your friends to receive Jesus as your personal savior. You can expect each service to start on time. Each Service last for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.
    What is the "Family" Like?
  • There are so many awesome people that have decided to make Spirit Filled Family their Family. You will find worshippers, peculiar people, educators, law officers, students, grandparents... phew... there are just so many great and loving people.Sometimes we get a little loud when we praise. Sometimes we like to dance when we worship, Sometimes we cry out to God in prayer, but we serve a big God and we believe that He is worthy of big worship. We are thankful for all that he has done in our lives.
    What Should I Wear to Service?
  • We have one rule:
    Dress in what ever you are comfortable in.... We Do! Just look at our Pastor Hart ... One day he was suited and booted (lol) The next he was dressed in Jeans and Sneakers. Don't get caught up on how to dress the important thing to God and to your Spirit Filled Family is your heart.
    Is There Anything Else I Should Know?
  • YES!.... Respect  So We Can All Receive

    The Word of God is so important!
    Why is the Word of God important?
    The Word of God washes hearts and changes lives!
    So for this reason we ask that you please respect the Word of God when the time comes. Please turn of all cell phones or devices that would otherwise disturb the Word of God during a service. Please reserve any converstaion to before and after services and outside of the sanctuary area.

    Please try to limit walking around during service. If you need to leave early, we ask that you sit nearer to the back of the sanctuary so that others will not be disturbed.

    Please respect the Salvation & Altar Calls. "Salvation" is a huge decision in many peopel lives. Loud talking, and disruptive movements during these times may turn some ones attention away from God to you. Please allow the Spirit of God to move freely during these times by respecting those who are in dealing with this process.

    Please no food, juice, coffee, snacks and especially gum are to be consumed in the sanctuary. Please respect Gods Word and your fellow Family Members in Christ.

One cannot live "wholly" unless one lives "holy" ~ Lady Hart