Children's Academy Project

Thank you for your support! We Made Our First Goal !!!!

$50,000... Raised !!!!

The Birth of SFFC’s “Children’s Academy”
            As you know, God has truly blessed Spirit Filled Family Church. We have grown exponentially over the past year… so much so, that our current facility can no longer contain us! I Know! God is Good! With that growth comes the stress of trying to facilitate that growth and no matter how we stretched it … IT JUST WASN’T WORKING. At that point Apostle Hart  had to step back and pray a special prayer for guidance. Then he began to search the land... He called in favors from real estate professionals and those who had access to properties began to show us what was available to us! Do you know what Pastor Hart found? NOTHING! No standing building as large enough to accommodate a congregation of this size and the buildings that were either too big or needed too much improvement to make them a church! Their professional opinion… “Pastor Hart it’s better to stay where you are!” That’s not going to happen!
God has made promises to SFFC concerning this point in our ministry, so Apostle Hart prayed again and he searched the land... and you know what He found this time? NOTHING! The banks were willing to extend loans to Spirit Filled. Which is great but…  (God gave us a vision to build from the ground up!) the funding opportunities that fell in line with our direction would take too much time to develop the land, permits, and then build. Also we are not financially ready to carry both  a mortgage and lease while we wait a new facility to be built. We will have to revisit that option in the future.
God asks us as believers to always count the cost of what we are doing before we do it and even though a door had been opened for us, it just wasn't our time to walk through it! So Apostle Hart prayed again! After that we sat down and evaluated the needs of the ministry and found that the Children’s Church was the most need serving up to 175 children per Sunday! Thus it is time to birth the “Children’s Academy”. Armed with this information and faith… Apostle Hart began to seek the land again and this time God yielded the increase!
The owner of the building we are currently leasing, once he heard f our dilemma, extended his help and resources to us! He is willing to finance and build the space we need. We will go from 9,000 sq, ft. to 14500 sq, ft. All we have to do is supply $50,000 good faith deposit to get the project started! But that is not all! He will return the funds to Spirit Filled Family Church upon the decision to either purchase the property or the completion of our lease. I know! God is Good! So family I know we normally just celebrate the Birth of a New Season on New Years Eve but this year get involved to celebrate the Birth of The New Level for the Spirit Filled Family. We are almost ready to get underway we have a tentative start for this project of late January. Whether or not we start then depends on us family. READY….. SET…. GO!
One cannot live "wholly" unless one lives "holy" ~ Lady Hart