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Name: Marbella Alls
I love this church. I can honestly say how wonderful if feels to take my family to Spirit Filled Family Church.

Name: Tabetha Joros
I as wondering if there was anything going on tonight at Church tonight..? the reason I am asking I went to your Facebook page and saw about the 7 days of Praise....

Name: Mrs Rosie Butler
I move here from Memphis, TN in March. I been looking for a church where I can go in The Lord.
I found you on line and like what I have read. I really what to come see is this what The Lord has for our life. Am hungry for the word of God.

Than You

Name: angelina hayes
would like to see if I could shoot my music viedo out side the chuch but inside the church gate.gospel music video.

Name: n diana bell
i was truly impressed with the service the two times tjat i attemded. i got the message and was full. than you so much for those great,spirit filled message, we need more young men of god to carry his words. i will return again.

Name: Samille Johnson
I am currently searching for a Church Home in the High Desert and found your Church to be very interesting. I am looking for somewhere whereby the PASTOR KNOWS MY NAME and who I am and Id also like to serve in some capacity. You can find out more about me at I am so glad to have found your organization online, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.

Name: Denis Bange
"Dear servants of God.
We let you know that have visited your web site today on internet searching for a spirit filled Holy Bible teaching group that can affiliate us in allowing and accepting us to our kind request to your church to be apart of your church faith groups out here. We also request you to pray for our orphans that are under our care the Lord to provide for their basic human needs.
We please kindly invite you if you can not mind to come out and teach our congregations out here in Kenya and Tanzania so as to be teaching on the same teachings that you teach and believe.
We therefore conclude that have our decision to let you know that has been so much touched and very
moved with great interest on what you believe and teach.
We real accept and appreciate all you teach as the true teachings of the Holy Bible as written that are of both the old and new covenants (testaments).
We kindly request you to send us your free teachings items for our church congregation groups to share in turn.

Thanks for the good work you are diligently doing for the Lord's glory.

Until we hear from you again may God be with you all.

Yours in the Lord’s love and service. Pr. Denis Bange."

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Postal mailing Address:
box 116,ogembo-40204,Kenya, East Africa.

Phone: 254 723 042350

Name: Linda Alexander
Ilove your site. w
When I need to feel close to GOD the website is there for me to go to church. When I'm in Cali. I come and visit in person.Thank You

Name: Simona Patterson
Hello, Just wanted to drop you all a note to let you know I've been praying that you nor your membership were involved in the bridge accident.

Also wanted to let you know that it was good to see you and your wife. I hope to be able to come visit your church again real soon.

God bless,

Name: Velma Garrett
I have heard a lot about the Spirit Filled Family Church. I would like to visit the church. I would like to view some of the messages, and join the womens ministry.

Name: Dyron Criss
This is my second week attending church service and I can't wait officially become a part and member of this amazing SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH.

I want to become involved and used wherever needed in the church ministry!


Name: Dyron Criss

I would like to attend your church. I was referred by a beautiful spirit filled woman who works at the Good Will store.

I don't have transportation yet. Would like to know if you service my area. Please call me at *********. I live on ****************************.

Name: keijo leppioja
I am so thankful for that the evening here in bless and in encourage in faith that the day was good the day in working to sow my seed in gladnes an an expecting harvest later to reap and joy and be glory to God in Jesus name ,thanks and bless an dpray,keijo sweden

Name: London Booker
I wanted to know if I could talk to the pastor regarding situations in my life that have taken a toll on me..I dont know if im reaching out the correct way but I just needed to try. My number is ***************

Name: Melisa & Aleena
AWESOME PASTOR...Thank you.....

Name: Ricklyn Johsnon
Hi, I visited your church for bible study 9-11-2013, and I loved it!!!!! Your Pastor is very anointed and spirit felt. I have a church home in Los Alamitos California but since I live in Victorville and I want to stay in touch with the Lord, God lead me to your church. After bible study was over I approached one of your member to see what is it I could volunteer for your church. I am sorry to say as full as you all Pastor is of the sprit the young lady I approached to ask her about the volunteer was so nasty to me and gave me such a dirty look I had to tell her, Sister I'm not going to bite you. I didn't get a chance to ask her about the volunteer I just asked for a program and ran out of there as fast as I can. I just wanted to share this information with you all as much as I will like to come back to the bible study I will like to say I was scared away by the unfriendliness. I will continue to pray that our hearts, minds and souls become one occur When it comes to our Lord and Savior.

God bless you all

Name: Pastor Dwayne A. Jordan
Outstanding!!!! So Proud of what you all are doing for the Kingdom!!!
Excellence isn't an option, its a mandate...You've proven that!!


Name: Valerie Stipe
Attended your service today and was richly blessed!

Name: Valerie
I Love my Spirit Filled Family!!!

One cannot live "wholly" unless one lives "holy" ~ Lady Hart